This award has been established by the Association of Science Education Taiwan, Republic of China, to enhance the quality of teaching in the field of Science Education in Taiwan, and to encourage teachers’ professional development.


  1. A member of the Association who has a faculty/staff position in an academic institution in Taiwan.
  2. A teacher with at least three years of service in an elementary school or a high school in Taiwan, who has accomplished, with proven pedagogical excellence, one of the things listed below within the last three years.
    • In accordance with the educational policies, the teacher has prepared programs of instruction and teaching plans, and has proven those programs and plans effective enough to be promoted widely
    • The teacher has done an excellent job in bringing the classroom alive and in guiding students to develop properly
    • The teacher has dedicated himself or herself to innovating or improving textbooks and teaching methods, which have been proven effective once being adopted
    • The teacher has done an excellent job in guiding students in domestic or international activities/performances.
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