ASET ( Association of Science Education in Taiwan ) was initiated by a group of Taiwan science educators in 1988 to promote science education research quality levels and enhance the connection among researchers and various academic institutes.

The first President was Professor Kuan-Cheng Yang ( 楊冠政 ) , and subsequent leaders include His-Mu Lu ( 呂溪木 ) , Kan-Pei Wang ( 王亢沛 ) , Ho She ( 施河 ) , Hsiang-Chuan Liu ( 劉湘川 ) , Chao-Tee Chen ( 陳昭地 ) , Chorng-Jee Guo ( 郭重吉 ) , Yung-Jing Cheng ( 鄭湧涇 ) , Hey-Por Chang ( 張惠博 ) , Huann-Shyang Lin ( 林煥祥 ) , Ching-Yang Chou ( 周進洋 ) , Mei-Hung Chiou ( 邱美虹 ) , Chun-Yen Chang ( 張俊彥 ) , and the present President Hsiao-Lin Tuan ( 段曉林 ) .

Currently the association includes Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, General Assembly, and various committees such as Awards, Academic, International, Publications, and Activities committees to enhance the development of the association. ASET has accumulated a number of members, including 460 permanent members, 304 regular members, 502 student members, and 25 organization members. ASET members participate in domestic and international science education research very actively. Among ASET members, there are many distinguished research recipients from the National Research Council (Taiwan), and many are involved in academic administration such as international journal editors, and editorial board members.

The official publication of ASET is the 「Chinese Journal of Science Education」, with the first volume published in 1993, has been indexed in the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index ( TSSCI ) since 2008. The most current CJSE ( Volume 22 ) is publishing 4 issues in 2014. Every December the association holds the Annual Conference in Taiwan, and we are now preparing for the 30th Annual International Conference in National Taiwan Normal University.

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